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Lixi - WIRELESS Signals for cyclists.

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  • £24.95

The world's first turning signal for cyclists!


  • Water-resistant casing - Designed for various weather conditions!
  • Guaranteed fit on ALL bicycle types and sizes!
  • Automatic WIRELESS connection once switched on between the display and controller - No cable routing or bluetooth connection headache!
  • USB re-chargeable - No battery replacement headache!
  • Extremely long lasting battery life.
  • Theft proof: Unclip and re-attach both the display and controller within 5 seconds.
  • Includes 2 laser projections on the ground - Strobe flashing or constant lighting
  • Display includes various other patterns when the left/right signal isn't activated.


Easy 1-time installation under 30 seconds:

Package includes everything needed:

  • 1x Display
  • 1x Wireless controller
  • 1x Full Universal Mounting kit for the controller and the display.
  • USB recharging cable
  • Pack of zip-ties. 




    - Not sold in stores.

    - Available in wholesale quantities, directly contact

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