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Limited Edition: Zevo 9P

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The Perfect Gift.

Over 20,000 pieces sold worldwide.

We recommend purchasing 1 or more pieces per wheel. The wheel is brighter when more pieces are attached.


Quick installation video.

Over 20,000 pieces sold worldwide.

- Not sold in stores.

- Provides style and safety for night riders of all age.

- Bright and powerful light visible during the day and night.

- Waterproof, so it can be used during the rain!

- Attachable to ANY bike spokes.

- Over +30 different patterns!

- Battery turns off automatically to save battery.

- Available in large quantities for special orders, email us at

Additional information:

Ride your bicycles in style with various patterns of LED on your bike's spokes. Increase visibility at night and ride safely. Ability to fit over 5 pieces per wheel and exponentially increase your visibility and riding style. Sturdy and hard clipping which can support any rough terrain without falling off. Unnoticeably lightweight in order to keep your riding balance. The item is easy to install on any bicycle wheel within 10 seconds. For more information, watch the installation instruction video above.This item is suitable for all ages including children. This item is not sold in stores.

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